Cybersecurity and Technology

Explore with me concepts of cybersecurity and technology including Networking (CCNA), Cloud, Linux Fundamentals, Windows Fundamentals, Virtual Machines, Cybersecurity Frameworks, Offensive and Defensive Security and other cool stuff in tech!

The European broadcasting Union reported that most broadcasters have failed to take the appropriate measures to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks even though broadcasters have been the increasingly barraged by cyber-attacks in recent times (Fachot, 2019). Mass media companies have often been targeted by states, non-state actors and organized crime because attacks offer a wider […]
There has been rapid technological developments in the recent pasts such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), and the advancements of cyber. This has counteractively also led in the increase in the sophistication of cyberattacks and cybercrimes. Companies and governments are left worried on how to navigate these murky […]
If you are a LastPass client, then you may have received a rather unnerving email regarding a potential breach to some parts of their development environment. LastPass has been a reputable password manager that allows users to save their passwords in a secure vault and use a master password to gain access to their online […]
Go to Rossmarks’ Blog and download the FridaLab.apk Drag the apk from downloads to the Genymotion device. Note that it requires you to perform some challenges before you can be able to access the app. Luckily, I’ll walk you through the process. You will need Jadx-gui and Visual Studio Code. Open Visual Studio Code Under extensions, look for Frida workbench and install it. Also […]
Frida is a powerful dynamic instrumentation toolkit for pen testers, developers, reverse engineers, and security researchers. It is scriptable, implying you can write custom scripts to autonomously perform functions autonomously such as: Hook into functions. Take a peek into the code of private apps Inject code to modify the output Bypass root SSL pinning bypass […]